Now Accepting Applications!

Longevity, Health & Innovation (LHI) goes beyond traditional partnering and offers opportunities for start-ups to pitch directly to a panel of investors and host a live Q&A session. Each company delivers a 4-minute pre-recorded pitch hosted on a dedicated page enabled for supplemental materials and connected to the event live agenda for easy access and optimal exposure. Participants can also take part in LHI’s powerful partnering platform to keep the conversations going.

Pitch Challenge applications are now open! Early-stage companies are encouraged to submit an application, along with a pitch deck and an executive summary. Once selected to pitch, companies can submit their video and supplemental materials for investors to review prior to the live session. Materials include:

  1. Pitch Deck
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Logo
  4. Website
  5. Brief Description

Accepted companies submit a $500 pitching fee (in addition to standard registration rate), and are then split into groups and matched with a panel of investors seeking opportunities in their sector. The live sessions will be recorded and distributed to the panel afterward for follow-up and continuing dialogue. The Pitch Challenge is essential to the mission of LHI: advancing technology in longevity and aging by connecting the buyers and sellers in the space to make life-saving deals.

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Dedicated Sample Page